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Live Video Monitoring and Virtual Guard Services

Centini Security offers comprehensive solutions to meet your business's security needs. With our cutting-edge video monitoring systems and virtual security guards, you can enjoy round-the-clock protection. Our advanced video monitoring technology ensures real-time surveillance, providing peace of mind and deterring potential threats. Our virtual security guards are trained professionals who remotely monitor your premises, providing prompt response and minimizing risks. Whether you require video monitoring systems, virtual guards, or a combination of both, Centini Security has the expertise to deliver tailored solutions that enhance the security of your business. Explore our range of business security cameras to find the perfect fit for your surveillance needs.

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Key Benefits Of Video Monitoring In Calgary & Edmonton

Save Up to 75% Compared to Live Security Guards With Video Monitoring

Traditional security services often rely on the presence of human guards to deter criminals and ensure business safety. However, the expenses associated with employing security personnel, including wages, training, and other costs, can be prohibitively high. At Centini Security, we revolutionize security by harnessing advanced technology such as AI cameras and voice-down systems. Our video monitoring staff receive real-time event notifications and can conduct scheduled checks. 

Additionally, digital tours of your premises can be performed to ensure everything is in order, providing you with the peace of mind of a physical guard at a fraction of the cost. Explore our range of cutting-edge commercial security systems to experience the benefits of video monitoring firsthand.

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Enhance Security and Reduce Human Error with Video Surveillance

Minimizing the risk of human error is crucial for maintaining robust security measures. While live guards may not exhibit the desired level of professionalism, alertness, and quick-thinking consistently, virtual guards offer a reliable solution. Leveraging smart AI cameras, our virtual guards diligently monitor your premises, detecting and capturing any changes in the environment, including thermal and motion variations.


When disruptions are identified, virtual guards can promptly report the events to law enforcement personnel or management, ensuring swift action is taken. Experience the power of video surveillance and automated buildings in fortifying your commercial security systems. Contact us to explore our advanced solutions today.

Swift Response and Minimal False Alarms with Video Monitoring

Experience faster response times and significantly reduced costs associated with false alarms through our advanced video monitoring in Edmonton, Calgary, and Victoria. When emergency services are dispatched, unnecessary mobilization or charges for false alarms can be burdensome. However, with our virtual guard service, we employ a proactive approach by visually verifying potential threats or issues before alerting the authorities. 


Additionally, our mobile connectivity options provide you with enhanced control, allowing you to monitor your business remotely. Discover the benefits of our comprehensive video monitoring solutions as part of your commercial security systems. Contact us today to enhance the security of your business.

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What Our Clients Say

What Sets Our Video Monitoring Apart?

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Mobile Units

Construction sites, remote parking lots, and time-sensitive projects require innovative security options as well. Our temporary, mobile units are a powerful solution for interim setups.
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Event-Based Video Monitoring

Leverage the power of cutting-edge technology with event-based video monitoring. Video analytics software allows us to respond to irregular footage and respond immediately to any issue.
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24/7 Live Video Surveillance

As a live video monitoring company, our technicians are always on the job, and always watching. Our 24/7 service assures your peace of mind and allows us to react to changing situations at a moment’s notice.
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Video Analytics

Advanced video analytics are an integral part of modern security systems. We use them to identify people or objects entering predetermined areas, or as a preliminary warning system, depending on the needs of our client.
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Access Control

Protect the critical areas of your business with our access control systems. We have options for safeguarding your main entrances, back doors, and secure areas.
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Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance is fully customizable for your business. We work with you to determine the correct number of units and the locations they will work best to protect your assets.

Centini Security Systems Offer Comprehensive Services

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Customized Solutions

We think outside the box to provide solutions that are meaningful, agile, useful, and effective for your unique business needs.

Personable Team

We are a relationship-driven company and we believe that providing quality service is key to building lasting relationships.

Trained Technicians

Our team consists of highly-trained technicians with years of experience installing, operating, and monitoring security systems.

Fast Responses

We act quickly and efficiently when it comes to service requests and installations. Our fast response puts us ahead of competitors.

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Future-Proof Your Business with Advanced Video Monitoring Solutions

At Centini Security, we are committed to staying at the forefront of technology. We partner with industry-leading suppliers of security equipment and embrace the latest product offerings to integrate cutting-edge innovations into our systems. Through our dedication to continuous improvement, we deliver future-proof solutions that effectively safeguard your business. As your trusted security provider, we prioritize protecting what matters most to you. Contact us today to explore our advanced video monitoring solutions and ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your security measures.

Digital guard services involve a single individual remotely overseeing several locations. They conduct virtual tours, respond to people seeking entrance and utilize the power of AI for effective situation control.
Virtual guards are cheaper and, in many cases, more efficient than traditional in-person options. Plus, you reduce the risk to individuals.
If your company, building or jobsite would benefit from installing video cameras, you would also benefit from virtual guard services.