Modular, Efficient Security Systems

Protect your work site with smart surveillance solutions

You must make several considerations for industrial worksites, and security is just a small part of the overall project. Don’t let this give you a headache! Instead, leave it in the capable hands of the experts. We offer mobile equipment, remote site monitoring through digital guard services, and much more. Plus, with our focus on high quality products, you can rest assured our equipment will work, even in the harshest conditions.

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Solutions For Any Industry

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We can set a perimeter around storage and warehouse facilities to prevent intrusion and alert you of illegitimate entry attempts.

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Processing Facilities

Our robust set of services can help processing facility leads feel secure, guard important assets and regulate traffic on and off-site.

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Oil & Gas Fields

Keeping an eye on heavy equipment prevents problems going from bad to worse, and we can provide several options for remote locations.

business security systems

Work Sites

Let our virtual guards, access control and intercom systems lighten the load at your worksite with efficient authentication solutions and controls.

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Security Systems

Industrial Security Systems

Our industrial security systems provide a complete approach to your security. We focus on finding the ideal solution for your needs without adding or omitting essential components.
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Video Monitoring & Digital Guards

Video Monitoring & Digital Guards

Video monitoring and digital guard services keep an eye on your most important locations. From storage facilities to access points, we offer silent and comprehensive observation options.
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Alarm Systems

Industrial Alarm Systems

Construction sites are a prime target for looters and criminals. However, our alarm systems alert authorities, provide visual and auditory deterrents and work with smartphones for remote control.
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Smart Cameras

There are so many moving parts during a construction project that it is impossible to keep an eye on everything. Instead, smart cameras capture everything and send intelligent alerts.
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commercial intercom systems

Intercom Systems

Industrial Intercom Systems

Our industrial intercom systems provide access/egress solutions that truly work. Furthermore, they manage deliveries and improve site flow efficiency for even greater time management.
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Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Secure areas like storage sheds and control rooms for use by authorized personnel only and integrate access control systems for certain machinery and equipment.
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Video Surveillance & Camera Systems

Video Surveillance & Camera Systems

Suspicious activity or unexplainable occurrences? Let us install discreet surveillance and use our mass storage devices to review ongoing activity and past events.
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The Simple, Efficient & Ideal Construction Partner

Don’t react to a problem. Instead, plan appropriately from the outset. Our security systems are fast to install, and we customize each design for our client’s needs.  Further, we help prevent loss and property damage while improving employee accountability and organizing site traffic. Our complete approach improves multiple areas. Remember, as soon as equipment enters the lot, there is something worth protecting. Make sure you have the right shield for your job with Centini Security.