Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems To Secure Your Business

Video surveillance is an integral part of a comprehensive business security system. Aside from protecting against theft and vandalism, it can help in improving staff productivity while simultaneously keeping employees safe.

Centini Security offers high-quality and user-friendly video surveillance systems to suit any business’ needs and budget. In order to recommend the best solution for your Alberta business, our security specialists will consult with you about the specific areas of coverage, and determine any unique requirements and/or site-specific conditions that would impact the system’s performance. Such factors might include the quality of lighting in the area, the amount of stored video footage that would be required, and the degree of fine detail needing to be discerned in the footage.

Whatever the choice, our video surveillance systems will help you keep an eye on your business 24/7 while providing you with more control from anywhere that has internet access.

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Scalable Video Solutions with System Health Monitoring

Whether your business requires one camera or many, our surveillance systems can be adapted to your needs.

And if a camera should go down, or another anomalous event transpire, you will be notified immediately so that corrective action may be taken to minimize loss of coverage.

Integration with Access Control and Alarm Systems

The power and utility of our surveillance camera systems can be dramatically expanded by integrating them with other security systems. For example, a camera can be programmed to start recording when a certain door is accessed. Or you might want to manually trigger access to a location while viewing a live feed from a camera at that location.

There are many possibilities – and we have the perfect solution for your business.

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guard monitoring video surveillance feeds

24-hr Remote Video Monitoring and Digital Guard Service

24/7 live monitoring of your premises provides real-time assurance that any incidents on your business premises will be handled with utmost expediency by our agents.

Avoid the high cost of a live security guard to monitor your premises. With Digital Guard, our monitoring agents can access your video surveillance system at regular intervals, and perform a visual tour of the site to ensure all is well.


Mobile Access to Camera Footage

View your camera system live feed or recorded footage on your mobile device wherever you have access to the internet – no need to be rooted to your office computer.

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Video-Verified Alarms

Through a video surveillance system, our monitoring agents can visually verify any alarms that come in from an alarm system, before the authorities are dispatched.

Since false alarms, though rare, are often associated with financial penalties if emergency responders are needlessly dispatched, this service can help reduce unnecessary expenses and frustration for our business clients.

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