Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial Alarm Systems Securing Your Business

A state-of-the-art intrusion detection/alarm system is a must-have component of any business’ security system arsenal. According to Maclean’s magazine, Alberta communities are well represented in the top 50 most susceptible locations for breaking and entering crimes.

Centini Security can help reduce the risk of your Calgary, Edmonton or other Alberta community business being a target by professionally installing, maintaining and monitoring a burglar alarm system customized to your unique circumstances.

An alarm system will typically consist of a combination of various intrusion detection sensors such as door contacts, motion detectors and glassbreak detectors. Aside from intrusion detection, alarm systems can also alert you to malfunctioning equipment or dangerous envrionmental conditions. Sensors for flooding, temperature (eg refrigerators), carbon monoxide, and smoke, to name a few, are commonly hooked up as alarm points by businesses for enhanced protection of their premises.

Centini Security uses only top-quality equipment to protect your business, reducing the hassle of system malfunctions. If required, our alarm systems can be readily integrated with camera surveillance and access control systems to form a complete security net around your business.

remote surveillance camera powered by solar

Self-Contained Wireless and Remote Area Monitoring

Does your Alberta business have equipment or facilities at a remote location, away from typical city amenities?

Such areas are particularly prone to various forms of mischief, and Centini Systems’ wireless alarm and monitoring solutions are the answer. Rather than dispatching guards to patrol these areas, our self-contained systems can do the job at reduced cost. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements!

Integration with Access Control and Video Surveillance

Whether your Alberta business’ needs are modest or complex, Centini Systems has you covered.

Let us streamline your security workflow by integrating your alarm system with video surveillance and/or access control systems. Not only does this give you more efficient control over the various components of your security systems, it also provides the enhanced security solution your business deserves.

collage of security system equipment
cartoon of refrigerator hot and cold temperatures

Flood and Equipment Monitoring

Does your business have perishable items stored in a freezer or refrigerator, or other temperature-sensitive rooms/areas? Is it located in an area prone to flooding?

Minimize losses by connecting a variety of sensors designed to monitor for these and other equipment and environment-related malfunctions to your alarm system. Signals will be instantly received by our monitoring station, who will respond accordingly.

Personal Monitoring and Panic Devices

Panic devices let your staff instantly notify the monitoring station of a real-time emergency when your alarm system is otherwise not armed. These devices can be strategically placed on the premises (eg under a counter at a cash register) or can be wireless devices carried by individual staff members. Staff working alone will especially appreciate having one of these devices on their person.

strobe light and siren combination

Annunciator Systems

Centini Systems can equip your alarm system with various sound and/or strobe devices. These devices provide visual and auditory cues that an entry has been breached. For example, a chime sound can be emitted upon a customer entering a retail establishment. A strobe light can signal when a door to a sensitive area has been opened.

And, as a crime deterrent and first line of defense, your alarm system can be configured to trigger various security lights (eg flood lights) to illuminate sensitive areas upon breach.

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