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Access control systems enable businesses to control and record entry to designated secured areas, and can work in conjunction with other security systems. Using access control software, certain individuals can be programmed to have access to defined areas at certain times of the day. This means, for example, that visitors to your premises can be accommodated with limited access, while staff can be allowed access only to those areas which their roles and responsibilities require. It also means that access control is vital to the security of your facility, products, and staff.
Entry is typically gained by swiping access cards or fobs, or by entering a code on a keypad. This eliminates the need to assign and distribute keys, while also avoiding the pitfalls of key-based entry (eg loss or theft of keys, rekeying doors, unauthorized duplication of keys, and recovery of keys from staff who have moved on).
Furthermore, all entry to the facility is logged in the control software so that your business has a complete record of who entered and at what times. This feature is especially useful in the event of an unauthorized incident, in which case knowledge of entry patterns could help in investigating the incident.

Centini Security can customize an affordable access control solution for businesses of any size, so there is no reason not to join the growing number of businesses taking advantage of this technology. As always, our security experts will first consult with you to understand your requirements before proposing a solution that is uniquely tailored to your business.

Remote Access

With a Centini Systems access control solution, your authorized users will be able to remotely control the system’s operation and review logs from any internet connected computer in real time.

Intercom, Alarm System, and Video Integration

Our access control systems are able to integrate easily with a variety of other electronic systems, including security and surveillance systems.

For example, with a compatible video system, you can view a camera feed from an access point before allowing entry in real-time. The possibilities are endless, and we’d love to discuss them with you!

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User Database Management Services

Prefer not to spend time and resources on managing your access control system? Centini Systems agents can do it for you. Provide us with the user information, and we will set up and configure your system with appropriate user access levels, shedules and tracking.

Let us know of any changes to the user base, and we will update the system straight away.


Scalable Access Solution with Health Monitoring

All Alberta businesses can benefit from our access control systems. We take pride in tailoring our systems to the unique needs of our clients, no matter the size of the business. Whether you need to manage single door access, or have many access points to control; whether you want to control access to vehicles or to fuel pumps, Centini Systems can accommodate you.

And for peace-of-mind, our systems can be easily monitored to ensure everything is in working order.


No More Keys

Eliminate security holes and expenses associated with traditional key-based entry systems, such as loss, theft and unauthorized duplication of keys. Centini Systems’ electronic access control systems offer better security, more hands-on control, and greater convenience to Alberta businesses of any size.

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