Commercial Security Systems

We can design, install, and monitor your commercial security system

At Centini Security, we believe in serving our customers through optimal, personalized service. Our commercial security systems are a great example of this belief. We provide access control systems, video monitoring, alarm alerts and intercom system solutions that enhance your business and provide the optimal level of security. However, our service is what truly sets us apart. On top of our standard support and installation, we also offer preventative maintenance on our equipment. Plus, when it comes to alarm response, we'll be on the scene within 4 hours of you placing your call — our guard-less services provide better protection at a more affordable rate.

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Key Benefits of Commercial Security Systems

Protect your assets from theft and damage

The best reason to install a commercial security system is to protect your most important assets, and we provide a range of solutions to meet this demand. Our security cameras watch all necessary areas while our access control systems prevent any unqualified person from entering partitioned areas. Plus, we pride ourselves on providing customizable solutions tailored to your specific budget and circumstances.

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Increase accountability of team members

The accountability of your team members is an essential part of many companies. Our commercial alarm systems supply the technology to keep high-level areas off-limits and continuous monitoring of high-traffic areas. Security systems can help to minimize unproductive time and maximize the profitability of your employees. Additionally, we work with our clients to optimize video camera locations, helping further secure your business.

Gain control over your commercial building/site

There is more than one way to access a building and no limit to the creativity of criminals. Simply locking or securing the doors is often not enough. The potential for entry from windows, roofs and gate systems remains high. Investing in a commercial security system in Calgary offers visibility of your entire site. We can help identify weak links in your security infrastructure so you can have peace of mind.

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What Our
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Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring

Observe all key locations at your facility, including access and egress routes, material storage, leadership quarters and secure locations. Monitor each video feed separately and set alarms for movement, thermal, noise, and more.
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Alarm Alerts

Alarm Alerts

Set a variety of alarms for intrusions, temperature changes and more. Our custom alarm placement allows you to secure the locations that matter most.
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Smart Cameras

Smart Cameras

Our cameras can detect spikes of thermal activity and alert users instantaneously, and tell the difference between humans and other forms of movement.
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Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

We can install intercom systems to manage gate traffic remotely and assess all incoming visitors. Also, we can use them as an advance warning system.
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Access Control

Access Control

Biometrics, key fobs and coded entry are among the options available for access control. View and change who has access permissions simply and easily through intuitive software.
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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance choices are second-to-none. We have a vast selection of sensor technology to monitor all types of threats. Plus, our digital guards ensure round-the-clock protection.

Customized Solutions

We think outside the box to provide solutions that are meaningful, agile, useful and effective for your unique business needs.

Personable Team

We are a relationship-driven company and we believe that providing quality service is key to building lasting relationships.

Trained Technicians

Our team consists of highly-trained technicians with years of experience installing, operating and monitoring security systems.

Fast Responses

We act quickly and efficiently when it comes to service requests and installations. Our fast response puts us ahead of competitors.

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Commercial Security System Consultations

Our consultation process is the first step to beginning a long and prosperous relationship. During our first meeting, we will advise you on the specific security needs of your business and give you an honest opinion about the necessity of certain services. We understand that package deals or cookie-cutter programs can leave people feeling underwhelmed or overprotected, and we pride ourselves on giving direct, earnest advice. 

Some level of commercial security system is recommended for every commercial or industrial business to protect assets, lower insurance payments, and provide peace of mind. In some cases, commercial security setups may be a requirement for loss prevention compliance. 

Every company and building is unique. Centini Security works with you to choose the exact equipment necessary for your preferred level of protection and budget.

No. We can advise, install, monitor and maintain the entire system. Of course, we are also willing to provide basic information and training for employers and employees alike.