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There is more to commercial security systems in Calgary than simply monitoring security cameras. We provide a complete approach, with opportunities for access control, smart cameras, digital guards, intercom systems and so much more. Plus, we pride ourselves on delivering products that truly benefit our clients, meaning that we'll involve you at every step of the process. This inclusion gives you the perfect system for your needs, and we make installation and maintenance straightforward.

commercial security systems calgary

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Monitor continually for any eventuality

Our video monitoring in Calgary is the best way to be proactive and prepared for any situation. Our trained and competent staff leverage the power of AI and smart alerts to deliver quick responses where you need them most. You can learn more by calling our experts today.

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commercial security systems calgary

Spend up to 75% less with digital guarding

The extra money you spend for a boots-on-the-ground guard could be better used for improving your system. With our commercial security systems, you can save on your budget and invest in new components or our smart service. Our team of well-trained digital guards is always alert and ready to act during emergencies and unpleasant situations. Your security system should protect against all threats, including the ones that go unseen by in-person guards.

Utilize modern surveillance equipment

Our business security cameras in Calgary are not simply for recording visual data. Instead, they leverage the emerging power of artificial intelligence and smart sensors for heat, light, noise and movement changes to provide the best degree of protection. As well, we amplify our systems by reducing blindspots and installing power backups. Plus, with digital guarding, you will never have to worry about what happens at your business when you are away.

commercial security systems calgary

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commercial security systems calgary
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commercial security systems

Security Systems

Commercial Security Systems

We provide commercial security systems that deliver an excellent level of security. When we design systems, we include considerations for video and audio recording, access control systems and so much more.
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Video Monitoring & Digital Guards

Video Monitoring & Digital Guards

When you need video monitoring in Calgary, you can’t afford to settle for second best. Plus, our digital guards offer a more comprehensive and affordable solution to physical security personnel.
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Alarm Systems

Commercial Alarm Systems

The best way to deter intruders and delay thieves is through commercial alarm systems. Every aspect of the alarm process is customizable, from volume to location and everything in between.
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Smart Cameras

Wireless. Reliable. State-of-the-art. These are just a few of the words we use to describe our smart cameras. Take advantage of machine learning with Centini Security.
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commercial intercom systems

Intercom Systems

Commercial Intercom Systems

Our commercial intercom systems are ideal for access and egress scenarios, such as shipping yards, employee entrances and more. Combine them with digital guards for the best results.
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Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Our access control systems can help you keep sensitive data secure and off-limits areas truly safe. Plus, with key fob and biometric options, our signature customization is still near-at-hand.
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Video Surveillance & Camera Systems

Video Surveillance & Camera Systems

The ace up your sleeve, our video surveillance and camera systems keep a watchful eye on your premises. And, our multi-sensor technology protects you from fire, flood, intrusion and liability.
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Industrial Applications

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Your Calgary security systems deserve the right care and attention; ignoring the problem will never make it go away. At Centini, we provide businesses with the opportunity to improve their security at a lower cost and with more effective and reliable equipment. Avoid the hassle of legislative constraints or frustrating insurance stipulations. Instead, contact Centini Security today and explore your options.


Contact us anytime! We respond to urgent calls within 24 hours, and we are always available to answer questions or complete service requests.


We are quick to act on service requests in order to maximize the effectiveness of your security system. We also perform timely installations and setups.


Our solutions are anything but cookie-cutter. We take a custom approach by analyzing the issues and producing a well-rounded solution.


Watch your bottom-line increase. Our systems are more affordable than several big-name competitors, offer lower overhead costs and increase ROI.